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Digital resilience: Survival kit for 100+ messages a day

How email and chat kill my working day, every day

The average professional spends 28% of their work day reading and answering emails. Productivity experts agree that this can be cut in half. That's 5 wasted hours every week that you can reclaim with just a few simple tweaks to your email habits.

So, how did our digital devices become such a drain on our time and focus? "Because we were never properly trained”, says Richard Wolfe, founder of the training company Wolfe & Wolfe, creator of the productivity app Braintoss and author of the self-help book Speedmailing.

If team managers are suffering themselves, how do you expect them to see the underdeveloped skills of their colleagues? “Poor email management is a blind spot, we train our golf or padel skills more frequently, but that is not what most of us are paid for!”

Richard and his team of trainers have devoted their time in helping corporates, startups and any other teams in getting better at using email and chat. In a very straightforward and practical workshop you can learn how to restructure your mailbox, sharpen your habits and improve your focus on the real work. As a result, email becomes a productivity tool again rather than a burden. Interested in saving precious time and perhaps more important, gaining more peace of mind. Contact us for online or onsite workshops and webinars.

What customers say

A real eye-opener about the importance of daily emailing and efficient time management! Spectacularly presented and really fun to go to.

Resolve the mailbox chaos forever.

You need to do this course, it will make your life sooooo much easier!