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    Leadership & Storytelling

    "People don't learn from their mistakes"

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    Leadership Development

    Developing as a leader means having a dedicated period of learning, experimenting and discovering what works for you. Designing a program for leaders to all do that together is a delicate art and a science. Most of all it's a very human, rewarding and inspiring journey. For the participants, but also for us. Every time it's a little different. Every group has its own challenges and delights. That's where the magic is. Bespoke programs.

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    Nudging Teams to Brilliance

    The biggest competitive advantage is a team that really clicks, that works for each other, pushes each other to next levels and produces outstanding results.


    What are conditions that support that? How can you start on the journey towards brilliant team work? Bespoke team sessions.

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    Storytelling in Business

    Being able to tell a story may be the most powerful communication tool you have. If you get yourself in the right modus, if you choose the story that fits you, the moment and the audience. And if you practice.


    Half day workshops.

  • About Robert Wolfe

    Robert Wolfe is a leadership coach, storytelling trainer and innovation facilitator at the THNK School of Creative Leadership.


    Wolfe was born in Australia and educated in the Netherlands (studying business administration at Nyenrode and international politics at the UvA), lived in London where he wrote a book on business strategy, worked as a management trainer in Sydney. Robert became a personal coach, wrote several Dutch-language youth novels, taught improvisational acting and plays cricket.

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    Personal Productivity and Digital Collaboration

    "Urgent emails do not exist"

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    Are you struggling with the constant overflow of email and other messaging apps? Do you feel your email keeps you from the “real work” you should be doing?


    Becoming better at managing email will give you more oversight of your tasks, an increased level of concentration and a sense of calm in your workday. Speedmailing is a simple and practical method that allows you to handle email and your productivity apps like a pro.


    More on Speedmailing.


    Also available for Shared Mailboxes as custom workshop.

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    Mastering your Digital Workspace

    We’ve all felt it. That sense of overwhelm as you sit in front of your laptop confronted by a cluttered desktop, a to-do list that never ends, an inbox with too many messages for one person to process. With all this information at our fingertips, it is sometimes hard to know where to start…


    Master your Digital Workspace is a workshop providing a variety of methods and habits designed to save you time and energy every day; practical solutions to minimize digital distraction, so that you can focus on getting the important stuff done.

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    Putting the Dot on Ai

    Applying AI into your business is a much of a challange as an opportunity.

    - Do you need a partner to think along about how you can add AI to your services to add more value?

    - Would you like to train your team on the use of AI?

    - Would you like to build a custom AI as part of your learning and development goals?


    We have been usign AI for improving how people learn and make decisions for several years and are happy to share our learning or develop new AI apps on your behalf.


    More on Putting the Dot on Ai.

  • About Richard Wolfe

    Richard is fascinated with how we create technology to increase our productivity and then often seem to achieve the opposite. He has a passion for finding easy ways to make technology work for us rather than against us.


    After business school and many years in the Internet industry, Richard decided to dedicate himself to helping people use one of the most ubiquitous technologies around today: Email. Not because of the technology, but because of the problems it created in our society, Email ranges from a top 3 stress creator to a highly ignored medium.


    Richard was born in Australia and grew up in the Netherlands. He is a pursuer of simplicity, which is reflected in the courses he provides. Also in the ease of use of the app Braintoss he developed and the many lifehacks he inserts into the lives of his family, colleagues and fellow cricket players.

  • Rory Tol on

    Generative AI & ChatGPT

    "Prompting could be the last skill you have to learn"

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    ChatGPT for the modern workspace

    This workshop teaches everything you need to know about generative AI. A structured approach to writing prompts, hands-on experience in tasks like copywriting, data processing and brainstorming and Last but not least, the crucial matter of data safety and techniques to ensure reliable answers.


    ChatGPT isn't just a tool, but a game changer for your team's productivity and creativity.


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    Consulting: Putting the dot on Ai

    How will AI impact our business? How can we improve our value add using artificial intelligence? Combining your own people with our facilitator skills and technology passion in a one or multiple day brainstorm session can lead to valuable insights for future development.


    Not so much about the risks, more about the opportunities!

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    Standup Comedy

    Outside the tech world, Rory is a captivating cabaret performer and storyteller, bringing his unique blend of humor and insight to stages. He's passionate about discussing the potential of technology and eager to play a part in its evolution, but equally willing to make fun of it all. "My jokes aren't generated by GPT - cant say I havent tried, but nothing beats good old-fashioned human awkwardness"

  • About Rory Tol

    Graduate AI bachelor UvA, thesis on natural language processing, focusing on the future of communication and AI.

    His interest in physics, logic, and computer science emerged from a background in arts and music, which naturally led him to the field of artificial intelligence. He relishes the marvels of machine learning and has broadened his expertise to include blockchain technology, gained through interning and working at the Flux Oracle DAO. During his tenure, the company achieved unicorn status, a development he found notable albeit unrelated to his work. However, more significantly, he recognized the enduring impact of web 3 technology. He believes it harbors the potential for many remarkable advancements and is eager to discuss and share his thoughts on the subject. He is actively seeking ways to contribute to its development.


    In his leisure time, he engages in cabaret and storytelling, often performing onstage.

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